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Simulation software for optical design of LCD panel and optical film. It’s the best software for the optical design of LCD because it includes various and advanced functions like data exchange function with measurement instruments, powerful polarization design and analysis function, optimum design function, Mueller matrix solver, and so on. This program will be a great contribution to develop high technology product and strengthen the competitiveness of the product.

TechWiz LCD 1D is a main program of TechWiz LCD 1D PLUS. It includes definition of stacked structure, setting up the condition, fast electro-optical solvers, and built-in viewer.
- Easy to define a stacked structure with Multi-domain, Multi-C/F, Group Layer using tree structure
- Transmittance, Reflectance, Luminance, Contrast Ratio, Viewing Angle, Wavelength Dispersion,
- Free Energy, Color, Gamma Correction, Panel Image
- Back-flow, Surface Anchoring, Vector/Tensor solvers
- E-Jones, Berreman, Mueller matrix solvers
- Full viewing angle luminance, radiance, Stokes’ vector
- Simulation with measured layer and depolarization layer
- Powerful built-in viewer with various visualization and advanced data analysis functions

TechWiz Polar is an advanced program for design and analysis of the polarization. It includes advanced and detailed analysis functions for polarization and retardation. It is very useful for not only an expert in optical design but also education and understanding of optical design.
- High reliability polarization analysis program using Mueller matrix
- Polarization and retardation analysis for full viewing angle, wavelength, and depolarization.
- Tracing the polarization state passing trough the stacked layers and layer by layer
- Advanced Poincare sphere, e-field wave, retardation, transmittance, Mueller matrix, depolarization, Stokes’ vector

TechWiz DB is unified database management program. User can define, edit, save database on user-friendly GUI of the program.
- Material DB, Layer DB, Light Source DB, Signal DB, Gray Scale DB
- Definition of DB with measured data (AxoScan, EZContrast, EZContrastMS, etc.)
- Layer modeling function and data import function from TechWiz LCD 3D.
- Non-Lambertian BLU with full viewing angle luminance, spectral radiance, and Stokes vector
- Various reflector models