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It's the world best 3D simulation software for LCD design. It's useful for developing new LCD panel, and defect analysis with shortened the period and the cost. Almost electro-optical characteristics and performance of the LCD panel can be obtained by the simulator and the idea.

TechWiz DB is unified database management program. User can define, edit, save database on user-friendly GUI of the program.
- Material DB, Layer DB, Light Source DB, Signal DB, Gray Scale DB, TFT Model DB
- Definition of DB with measured data (AxoScan, EZContrast, EZContrastMS, etc.)
- Layer modeling function and data import function from TechWiz LCD 3D.
- Non-Lambertian BLU with full viewing angle luminance, spectral radiance, and Stokes vector
- Various reflector models

TechWiz Layout is mask layout editor with advanced layout design functions and 3D structure definition function using process recipe. User can define 3D structure with ease.
- GDS-II file import/save function for direct use of real mask data
- Hierarchical design and management of mask layout
- Advanced functions of mask design: Boolean operation, various drawing functions, mask management, and so on.
- Process recipe with mask layers for defining 3D structure.

TechWiz Mesh is 3D adaptive mesh generator for finite element method. It can generate a conformal structure by deposited layer by layer like real process of LCD.
- Automatic adaptive mesh generation using tetrahedral element
- High speed mesh generation algorithm
- Conformal surface, step coverage, tapered surface, rounded surface, wall structure, ball/column spacer
- Easy to control the distribution of node density
- Pre-check function to expect divergence of the solution and find proper condition before simulation

TechWiz LC is 3D LC dynamics simulator. It calculate LC director profiles for voltage and time conditions. It include various option modules for technical issues. If you want to know about advanced options, please contact us.
- 3D finite element method for numerical engine
- LC dynamics with Vector or Tensor model, Anchoring effect, and Flow effect
- High speed and stable numerical engine
- Voltage and E-field distribution and various rubbing models
- Several modules for technical issues (PSA, Blue Phase, Charging, etc.)
- TN, PVA, MVA, IPS, FFS, OCB, and more

TechWiz Optics is optical simulation software for transmissive, reflective, and transflective LCDs.
- Transmittance, reflectance, transflectance, luminance, contrast, viewing angle, wavelength dispersion, response time, polarization status, color performance
- E-Jones, Berreman, Mueller matrix solvers

TechWiz RC is electrical parasitics extraction simulator for LCD.
- 3D finite element method numerical engine
- Capacitance and Resistance extraction
- Automatic equivalent circuit generation by mask pattern analysis
- Generation of SPICE netlist file for circuit simulation

TechWiz Panel is static image reproduction simulator for LCD panel. User can check the panel image reproduction performance using electro-optical performance of user designed pixel of the LCD.
- Gamma Correction, Gamma Shift
- Image reproduction for each viewing angle direction
- Can check the color performance, gray inversion, color inversion, color shift on the static image
- Can use any static image file

TechWiz Viewer is post-processor of the simulator for visualization and data analysis. User can easily control the visualized data to analyze the data and make report.
- OpenGL graphics with high speed data processing
- 2D and 3D data visualization and advanced data analysis
- Viewing Cone (Polar Chart) data visualization and advanced data analysis
- Graph data visualization and advanced data analysis
- Various CIE chart and data analysis
- Poincare Sphere and data analysis
- Panel Image reproduction result for each viewing angle